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  Beta Test Are Is For Go! 01:25 PM -- Wed August 24, 2011  

If you signed up to test and I got your email, you are in! Visit the forum to experience the wonder. If you didn't sign up, you are OUT! Visit McDonald's to buy a cheeseburger.

In other news, I have no particular other news at the moment, just testing this up and it should be done pretty soon. Oh, and I got to the final boss (well, the final proper boss, there's still one more, I heard) in Dead Rising 2, and I am suffering from the classic video game problem of "this game was perfectly playable up until the final boss!!!" Not entirely true though, there was another boss earlier that was also a massive ramp-up in difficulty and pain. I got through that, maybe I'll get through this too. I really hate when part of the 'difficulty' of something is that they can knock you off a ledge and you have to fight your way back to them for five minutes. I'm also playing Bayonetta. Also super hard. I think I'm playing that one wrong. I took too much time off between playing the early tutorially levels and then coming back to it, so I don't know the things I'm supposed to do.
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