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  Guessing Game! 07:20 PM -- Mon February 6, 2012  

A screenshot of what I'm currently working on. Your challenge for today is to guess what on earth this game is. Obviously you can't know what it's called (I actually haven't decided that yet anyway), or what the plot is, but what kind of game is it? How does it play? What is going on there? Mysterious!! Actually, this is probably gonna be easy, but let's see what people say.

In other news, I was reading back through really old journal entries today, and I decided I need to blog more! So there's a second challenge for you: From now on (at least for the rest of this month, I may forget this rule later, but hey, you can remind me!), if a journal entry gets comments from 5 different people, I will journal again the next day! I think that's a fun challenge, because it means I get feedback, and it means you get to know what's going on, and it encourages me to do something I should do anyway. See if you can keep me journaling nonstop for the rest of my life!

Rule: Those 5 comments have to be present by the middle-ish of the next day. If you post something akin to "first!" or something otherwise useless or offensive, I will of course delete it like I always do, which means it won't be present! So post constructively.

P.S. Witch Game? is still very much on my mind and I'm really looking forward to getting back to it once I finish up the project pictured above.
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