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  Back To Camp! 09:18 PM -- Wed February 8, 2012  

Look at all that action! There is now a goal (but no way to win or lose). As you can see, the monsters are stealing the food from the camp and carrying it off. If they get back to their dimensional portal (the black smudge on the lower left - it looks a lot more interesting in motion), they zoom away with your food and you are sad. Lose all 5 food items and you lose the battle.

Now you can also see an arrow pointing at the selected Beefy. That's because it means something to select one - You can select one just to check out its health like any tower defense, but the selected enemy also becomes the focus of any tower that's in range to hit it, rather than them automatically aiming at the one closest to the campfire as is normal. Just to spice it up and make it an important bit of gameplay, I might add an actual damage bonus against the selected enemy (and replace the arrow with a skull to make it serious business). To be fair, I'm about 80% sure I've seen this feature in a game I've played, so it's not original. But if I'm wrong, then it is super original! Wow!

Anyway, I can't say I was super productive today, but the good news is that Amazinrandi, my dwarf priest (so named because he looks like James Randi), turned 85 today! Now I have 4 85s, and one more guy within half a level of it. So yeah, a worthwhile day. Good thing I also coded something, or I wouldn't have had anything to blog at you!
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