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  Click To Build 05:56 PM -- Thu February 9, 2012  

I wouldn't say it's flying along, but this is what you get when you make me blog at you every day! Finally there's some actual menuey stuff in the game. This is the pop-up you get when you click on a blank space (if a tower can be placed there). As you can see, there are four basic tower types, at least at the moment. Next to that is a tower under construction, an animation I quite enjoy, though it doesn't look like much in a still image.

There's a similar pop-up for clicking on an existing tower, which lets you upgrade it or convert it into a fancier tower type. The four basic towers each have two more advanced towers they can become, and upgrading is independent of that. Changing the type just changes what it does, while upgrading is how you make it more powerful. Upgrading is just the classic more damage, faster rate, bigger range thing. The fancier towers are probably inherently more powerful too, since you have to pay to make them happen. I wouldn't know that yet, since there's currently exactly one type of tower!
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