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  Title Quest 11:44 AM -- Sat June 2, 2012  

I've been talking with developer friends about making my new game (which so far has exactly 0 lines of code and 0 pixels of art, but it's really revving up to reach 1 of each soon!), and there has been a lot of concern about the name of the game. What do you think when you hear NPC Quest (besides the already-existing Hamumu game)? Is it good or bad? Is it funny or generic? Does it tell you things or tell you nothing?

This is just kind of an off-hand chat, because as some of you are actual NPC Quest fans, this isn't the best place for unbiased input, but I thought it would be a worthy thing for discussion anyway. What do you say? I'm going to work on coming up with a list of alternate ideas to consider in the near future, so it can fight them for supremacy.

I'm gonna keep the discussion of this game rolling right along when I can, we are doing wide-open development on this one! I hope to have an early alpha version available for people to peck at in the next few weeks (again, starting from zero, so not sure quite when...). It's going to be PURE programmer art in the sense that I'm not even going to try to make the art remotely acceptable, just crank out as fast as possible to have images that are comprehensible. My idea is that I don't want to spend time on art that will be thrown away, and that I don't want to hire the artist until things are more settled, so that they're not doing a bunch of art that will have to change too.
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