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  The Wayback Machine 10:49 PM -- Thu June 21, 2012  

Haha... I stumbled across this file while looking for something. I share it with you here to shock and amaze. It's dated Nov 6, 2001.

Planned/Considered Future Products

Dr. Lunatic Extreme

This package is one CD containing all of Dr. Lunatic - the original game, the Fun Pack, the Expando-Pak, and as many add-on worlds as I can get permission from authors to include. It installs in one fell swoop, not requiring the two-step process of the original bundle. It has all bug fixes and a few new features, like the removal of the 64-world limit and other tiny niceties.

Hamumu Dumb Pack I: The SPISPOPD Series

A bundle package, might take two CDs, but I doubt it. Contains Dr. Lunatic Extreme, Loonyland, Amazin' SPISPOPD (modified version that does not require or allow registration codes to be entered - it's just permanently registered), and SPISPOPD and SPISEdit. There are ample warnings about the last two probably not working, but they are there to try.


Of course!

Sol Hunt

The board-game, super-action simple one.

Spooky Quest

Diablo clone with limited online features including chat.

So hmm... I sure came up with a better name than Dr. Lunatic Extreme! And I added a lot more than it says here! I actually don't remember what the Sol Hunt board-game type game is. There have been so many Sol Hunt ideas. Spooky Quest has been something I have planned to do for years and years (clearly more than 10 years now!). It always changes slightly over time, but yeah, it's a Diablo clone! It is truly the game I dream of making one day.
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