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  Lotsa Game Making 07:34 PM -- Wed December 12, 2012  

Boy, I'm gonna be doing a "End of the year" post sometime soon, and talk all about where Hamumu is and where it's (hopefully?) going. But for now, let me just quickly dash out some info on quick fun things going on right about now:

This Friday begins another Blackberry Port-A-Thon. I kinda ran out of things to port after the last one, but I'm thinking since a couple of the games I ported (which were accepted!) were Pirate Kart games I made in 2 hours, I can "port" games I haven't made yet! It'll be another fun round of cranking out mini games. I don't actually know how that will go, but isn't life always an adventure?

What's that you say? There's something more important you should be spending your time on this weekend? Why it's Ludum Dare 25, also starting this Friday! Join in and make a game based on [THEME]! Why, [THEME] is the most interesting topic of all. I like every game about [THEME]. You could also vote on the themes, but make sure you vote for [THEME], it's got to win!!

And not at all this Friday, 2013 kicks off with a bang (and continues to bang and/or kick at a steady pace) thanks to One Game A Month, a really really self-explanatory indie game development commitment. I've signed up. I haven't really considered if it's something I'm going to try to do, I just didn't want to miss out on the early adopter XP. XP is always good to have.

On a final note: Growtopia now includes a complete Santa outfit, and the Sack O' Joy is the first clothing item in the game to possess special powers.
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