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  Supreme With Cheese On Sale! 11:09 PM -- Wed May 23, 2012  

Big news x2!

Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese is on sale until June 1st for only $9.95! That's 66% off! BUY IT NOW!!!

Why so cheap? Why right now? The answer is simple: Because We May. Also, May 24th is Sol Hunt's birthday.

In other news, if you already own Supreme With Cheese (or you buy it now!!), you are able to download the all-new, and all-amazing, Version 8.0! It's still being tested and we're asking for your help with that, that's why it's not the thing people get when they buy the game, but it's available to you if you own it. Just visit your My Downloads page to grab it.

What does Version 8.0 bring you? Well, somebody has created the most definitive and easy to view guide to the new features right here: SpaceManiac's photo album. That somebody is in fact the person who developed this update, SpaceManiac (the clue is in the name), so big thanks to him for pulling this off. The most important thing with Version 8.0 though is this: you won't have color problems with it! That's been our number one FAQ for a long time, and SpaceManiac fixed up Dr. Lunatic to solve it, and now he's done Supreme as well. There are also a bunch of really funky new editor features, and that link above will give you an idea of what they are.
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