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  Medium News! 07:21 PM -- Wed May 30, 2012  

First, a public service announcement: The "It" for which you are waiting is still in waiting, because I am relying on art from a 3rd party, who is busy with other projects, which is fine because I have no end of projects of my own to do! So with that said, let me tell you what I am working on today!

I made the silly move of throwing $99 to Apple to be allowed to make iPhone games, which puts me in the position of needing to make an iPhone game. I've been experimenting this week with just how I can do that (especially given my Mac lack, but don't give me flack, Jack, just because I lack a Mac). I have managed to make a Flash game run on the iPod. The framerate is disappointing (in fact, putting Scouts Vs. Aliens on there unoptimized resulted in a whopping 1FPS), so I had to adjust my methods and expectations. At first I scoured the web for all the non-flash ways of making games on it, but none of them could quite meet all my needs. Why hasn't anybody made a simple C++esque tool where you can write code once and then compile it for PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS (other platforms would be nice too!)? I don't know. Lots of people have come about halfway there with various combinations of the above, and very silly languages (Basic? Really?) and custom IDEs and huge prices and whatever noise, but still, my utopia of throwing games together willy-nilly remains distant and hazy. Maybe someday I'll dig into Unity again, that one's pretty cool.

So back to Flash it is, the platform that can at least in theory produce games for PC, Mac, Linux, Web, Android, and iOS (and Blackberry and whatever else you want to name). But I needed a Flash project that didn't require hundreds of fast-moving sprites if I want to be able to put it on the iPhone. So I'm embarking on another fun project I've wanted to do for years that's short and sweet! Behold...


I have no screenshots to show. More info as it develops. Like the it you are waiting for, this project is subject to swapping back/front burner with others at many times. Things are very fluxy around here. I would still like to get Witch Game done too, but it's entirely un-iPhone-able and I kind of backed myself into a corner with my ridiculous Apple developer license purchase (it only lasts a year, I gotta make some use of it!).
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