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  Tweetmix 08:38 PM -- Thu August 23, 2012  

Yesterday a bunch of people in my twitter feed were playing with Tweetmix, and I was instantly sucked in. I am well known for being obsessed with random text generation, and this was so amusing to me.

Hereby I share with you a ridiculous number of results from Tweetmixing my own tweets. These are just the good ones I found, clicking refresh for what I hope was only half an hour but was probably 2 hours because that's how glazed over I get with these things. You probably don't care at all, but I can only enjoy them by sharing them, and you are my captive audience. BE SHARED UPON NOW!
  • My wife is causing monkey bread to be a serial killer, 50/50.
  • I'm buying a game instead, so hey, it is crap!
  • So, steam sales... they make me want to accidentally get rich.
  • Today is the greatest story ever told. it's hard to argue with! But now I feel so new that they had to fire a gun at people.
  • I know how colors work. For anybody who doesn't know, that's it.
  • Now I feel very safe from breast cancer, and leveled my monk to level 8. The larder is full.
  • I got the game uploaded... validation error? What's going on today in the eye with a cream cheese jammed inside each ball.
  • Oh, and a pile of twigs, or that's all on you. Even though I had to design it based on rumors and speculation.
  • Our worcestershire sauce expired in 2003. We feel there's a twitter conspiracy trying to silence indies.
  • Dr. Lunatic has been updated! It actually gets harder the longer you do not get clean in a unified whole.
  • Man, programming was a few days ago, why aren't you making me talented?
  • My wife is causing monkey bread to be awesome. Not a great game, but it should be doing!
  • So programmy people... monkey seems like a cowboy squid.
  • Googled tibetan armor for research. Discovered it is always interesting, but you be the judge.
  • Happy new year! My wife is playing WoW and watching the fire and doing the dishes and listening to a cruise. #informative
  • I AM DOWNLOADING THE DIABLO III INSTALLER!! Too bad it has to operate the quake-o-matic.
  • .@mark_fassett zooming towards death is my favorite flavor!
  • Today's modern games are fun, sorry if they're not hip!
  • Are you all buzzing and ready to do something. Unfortunately, the third day will be killing you.
  • Best thing ever: Unskippable 10min+ credits in AAA games, and a pile of twigs, or is it just generated holy monkey frappe.
  • Speaking of WoW, I haven't seen the movie trailer and I wonder, why aren't you making me talented?
  • Forget microtransactions. I'm way behind the times!
  • I can't play diablo after I sent that last tweet. Come on, a smiley emoticon with no nose? Seriously? Buckle down.
  • Hmm, I would quit making games to kongregate and compete in the oven first.
  • .@mark_fassett zooming towards death is my age: I have time to replace the digital clock.
  • My schedule comes with a knife.
  • Soul searching over. Diablo, I haven't done standing desk in months, like 10+ episodes in a hot-dog costume.
  • The matrix movie description: Murderous sports face . That conjures interesting images.
  • You know you spend too much time doing art as I am jealous. HATE ME TOO! I feel hardcore.
  • Now I can't fix this bug. I been in biz for 15+ years, my computer just died because I make my buggy monk?
  • Hamumu! Develog!!! #5 is here. A poison dart trap made 1000 years ago still works flawlessly, but minecraft is kind of addictive.
  • For dinner, I'm eating sugar-free jello, with the sudden blast of videos!
  • On my ice cream, I want to stab myself in the eye with a long list of backers. The last ingredient for my pie!
  • I guess I was scared the singer might be lurking nearby with a reason the wild west ended up down there.
  • Old man story: As a teenager, I like lana del rey... I have an iPad, but nobody has ever accused me of competence.
  • Today I learned that portugese man O' wars (men O war?) are not comfortable.
  • 6. When you're done, Blizzard? You're taking too long, so I'm ahead of you suckers.
  • Only during LD do I encounter bugs like yeah, it's about 75% memoir instead of a table! At least 60% of the required supplies.
  • Oh, I wrote that tweet. And hey look, a jellyfish too!
  • I had access to the fun parts of the world today, but people keep throwing free games at me.
  • Today's modern games are gonna turn out really cool, first try!
  • That last tweet was a LOT harder before google saved the world of indie games.
  • I like batman and I can't fix this bug. I get on steam. I don't know if we've ever had this much snow, it meets your criteria.
  • I just uploaded a youtube video of the things.
  • I keep getting spams titled tired of games? no, I get into rocksmith, the animation is what's good.
  • I just feel like a 3rd-person game. That's a lot of fun, sorry if they're not hip!
  • 9. Taking a bath is just too much time doing art as I tweet you.
  • Ludlum dare: You have to oil my door hinge yearly.
  • Hey, I discovered the mystery tweets when I was busy in town all day!)
  • The martian landscape is really uninteresting. But the value. Who cares about games if you can win a prize.
  • I'm trying to silence indies.
  • I just spent the day with something other than work. It is always pie, why are you finding out what happens.

Why are you finding out what happens? Man, why not? It still makes me giggle. Oh no, there I go refreshing again...
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  Hamumu! Develog!!! #5 04:54 PM -- Mon August 20, 2012  

Hey, I know I've been neglecting this AND all of Hamumu. Things are feeling quite overwhelming and I'm trying to figure out how I can streamline my workload so it feels a little more like "making games" as opposed to "doing everything in the world simultaneously".

For those with any interest in the matter, I have 2 Supreme add-ons I should be testing but don't know when I will be able to (only one Summer Silliness).
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  Hamumu! Develog!!! #4 06:16 PM -- Tue August 7, 2012  

One day later every time!
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  Hamumu! Develog!!! #3 05:52 PM -- Mon July 30, 2012  

A couple days later yet! Soon I'll wrap around and be releasing these so late that the next one precedes the previous. Maybe not.
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  Hamumu! Develog!!! #2 11:33 AM -- Sat July 21, 2012  

I'm only a day late! Pretty sneaky, sis. Check out the progress on Dredd Speed and the part you couldn't see before of NPC Quest.
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  Hamumu! Develog!!! #1 07:23 PM -- Fri July 13, 2012  

Hey! I am sharing my work in progress via video. Give it a watcherino.
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  Pedro Kicks Back! 06:06 PM -- Mon July 9, 2012  

Oh, by the way, speaking of Boys' Life games... I never mentioned that Pedro Kicks Back has been up and playable for a few weeks! It's a fun game, a side-scrolling platform brawler with a very extensive skill system. Go play!
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  A Dumb Update 05:49 PM -- Mon July 9, 2012  

I would have a tremendously exciting screenshot right here, but I recently began implementing the random dungeon generator for NPC Quest 2, and so as you should expect, the game currently freezes up in some infinite loop in the generation. Unfortunately, I have to switch projects for this week to make progress on other things that need to get done, so it's gonna sit like that for a week while you fail to see any screenshots from it since I can't take any.

Here's what you are missing: the hero now wanders around the dungeon, seeking out enemies and attacking them (they in turn seek him out and attack), and everybody takes damage as they should, with really nifty pop-up numbers that you'll just have to imagine (really, they do pop up in a fun way, I swear), and a nice life meter, XP meter, and most wondrous of all, fog-of-war hiding the world from you until you explore it. That's the kind of fabulous cutting edge game development you can expect from Hamumu. Both Flee and Fight modes work, too, so it's practically ready to ship, right?

In other news, what I'm doing this week (and maybe every other week for a couple months) is another game for Boys' Life website, a nifty little space shooter with a tiny hint of Spaceboy for people who have good taste and long memories (that hint is the ability to craft weapons from the junk dropped by enemies). Gotta pay them bills! I'll share screens of that as well, and I think I also have an interesting (non-game) surprise somewhere in my sleevular vicinity...
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  Is That Gameplay? 08:10 PM -- Wed June 27, 2012  

Not really... it's the gameplay screen, if that helps! Evil red-eyed gnomes are attacking our Gumby-like hero with their volatile 0-damage attacks. At this point, the gnomes do find their way to you, wandering around walls and all that, using the classic Smell algorithm (TM & (C)!) from NPC Quest. I know there were some oddities with that in NPC Quest, where guys would dither back and forth for a while before making a decision, so we'll be tweaking that. I initially used the A* pathfinding algorithm, but it was shockingly hard on the CPU, presumably because my super-naive implementation of it was chock-full of allocating new objects and whatnot. So I figured rather than code that in a smarter way, I'd just use the Smell system, which took about ten minutes to get up and running, and works perfectly so far.

In the interface here, you can see there is a "joystick" of sorts on the left, where you can tap to choose which priority your hero will use. The left features your three buttons: skill 1, skill 2, and potion. There will probably also be a pause button and a game-speed slider.
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  Vote For Escuela! 10:24 PM -- Sun June 24, 2012  

I'm spamming everywhere I can with this, because it's a true life-changing opportunity. My wife runs Escuela Del Sol Tutoring, the cheapest and best tutoring in Temecula (unbiased facts!). She's been in business for 5 years, slowly growing the whole time, but like Hamumu, money is always really tight! Now she's applied for a big juicy grant at Mission Small Business, and the catch is that we need 250 people to vote for her in order to be eligible for the grant. That's where you come in!

It's INCREDIBLY EASY to vote! You need to have a Facebook account though, and I don't blame you if you don't want to join Facebook just to help us. But you know you have one, so come on!

Just visit www.missionsmallbusiness.com, click "Log In & Support" which will log you in via Facebook, then enter "Escuela" in the search box. It will pop up an Escuela Del Sol blurb with a "Support" button, so CLICK IT!

If you've voted for somebody else before, no problem. You can vote for as many as you want. So please, give us this vote, because if by some miracle we got this grant, our lives would be changed immensely. Come on man, do it! What are you waiting for?!

Oh, and if you want to hear all the details on what this is about, you can read my wife's letter about it here. Why haven't you voted yet? Do you hate children?
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