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  Japanese Candy Fest 2013: Chocorooms 09:51 AM -- Mon September 30, 2013  

7.5/10 YUMS
I've actually reviewed these on Behind The Dumb Episode 4. They're chocolate mushrooms. They're also Kinoko No Yama, or "Mountain of mushrooms" according to Google Translate. You don't really get a whole mountainful in the package, but you get a decent number. I think Behind The Dumb pretty much explains it all, but for a semi-transcript: These are short little Yan-Yan sticks about an inch long, and the top half of the stick is covered with a mushroom-cap-shaped blob of chocolate. So really simple, chocolate and cookie, and it looks like a mushroom.

They're not my favorite for one simple reason: the chocolate is a little bit dark. Not super dark by any means, and not as dark as Chocolate Wheat Puffs, but a hint of bitterness in there that I don't want. I'm happier with all the other wheat+chocolate Japanese options, like Chococone, Hello Panda, Pucca, Pocky, and so on. So in the end, I will eat these if I'm trapped on a desert island, and at the moment I'm trapped on just such an island - an island made of these being the only chocolate-based candies I have left. So I'm eating them. But I'm protesting it. 7.5/10 Yums.
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