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  T-Shirt Time! 07:57 PM -- Fri December 4, 2009  

It's priced as low as Cafepress will let you price stuff ($18.99 for this color), so I ain't making no money bucks. I'm just hoping some people will enjoy dressing up as Bouapha. It has no words, no ads, no accoutrements, just a straight-up Bouapha shirt, as accurate as you can be with the color options at Cafepress. If you wear this, pumpkins will fear, and people will wonder what your problem is. There are several other interesting shirts, clocks, and more up there too, if you haven't seen those.

I was thinking about this design way back, I believe I even had a journal up about it somewhere back there, but I just decided to, as Wil Wheaton says, Get Excited And Make Stuff. I'm thinking of doing a T-shirt a month, so get your Bouapha Pumpkin shirt now, because it may disappear on January 1st (not the actual shirt, just the ability to purchase it)! I thought it'd be fun to just have whatever fun little Hamumu shirt idea up there, and if you want to grab it, go ahead. They're not hard to make, and there's no risk since it's print-on-demand. I would commit to a T-shirt a week, but I know I wouldn't keep up, so that's a bad plan.

Also of no interest, I was going to try doing a shirt at Zazzle instead, but the only green they had was wayyyy off! Cafepress seems to be doing the job nicely.
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