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  Oy 06:20 AM -- Mon September 1, 2003  

I am tired out. It's way past my bedtime! I just upgraded the forum software, and at the same time while I was in the neighborhood, I got rid of the Editing Dr. L Worlds and Saving The World forums. I merged them into Dr. Lunatic and General Crap respectively. There were just too many forums, I was tired of scrolling the screen so much! So along with that, I discovered a minor bug in the music thing above, which I have to fix soon.

But the main thing of course is that I created the IGF install of supreme at last. I think it's ready to go, I'm just seeing what some tester types think. Anyway, fingers crossed, I wanna win! No really, I know it's not even in the ballpark of winning, but if I can hit the finals, that'll be worth a whole lot to me, with the exposure and interest. And besides, that would include a free trip to the GDC (Game Developer's Conference) next year, wherein I would get to stand around and show off my game to passersby. That sounds rather wacky. I'm so tired!! Supreme is almost done. Really! And it's good too, I played tonight. I was surprised at just how many coins you can rack up just for doing the tutorial. But I think it works out - it's just about enough to buy one world and a stick of gum.
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  So happy! 01:56 AM -- Fri August 29, 2003  

First of all, thanks to the caller for calling back - I have now made a sale by phone! I'm a pro. Secondly, NO thanks to the guy who tried thoroughly to defraud me, repeatedly, a lot, and who is now banned for life from ever buying our products. Thirdly, I'm so happy! MOVIES FINALLY SHOW IN THE PROPER COLORS IN SUPREME!!!! Well, they were always the right colors on my computer... hence the difficulty of fixing this bug. But it's fixed! I also wrote the instruction manual for Supreme today, just for gameplay - I'm not looking forward to the horrible day I have to begin the process of cranking out the 700 miles of editor documentation. That editor is a powerful, complex machine, and there's a lot to be said about it. And to top it all off with a cherry, this very computer now has a whole gigabyte of RAM (which didn't blow up the computer when I installed it)! Let's see what happens when I try to render a 3D movie now!
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  Dishes Are Done, Man 03:59 AM -- Wed August 27, 2003  

Today I got to take a break and indulge in the luxury of doing dishes. That seems an odd thing to say, and it is. Doing dishes still isn't fun. But you know, it's a break from the constant work. It's a chance to not be in front of the computer for a second or two. That's kinda nice. Still a crappy job. But the best thing of all: finally we have clean dishes for the first time in weeks! With both of us on super-crunch-mode the past couple of weeks, the house has fallen into complete ruin. It'll be so relaxing when this is over, I can't even imagine.

Speaking of relaxing, I'm sitting in my brand new office chair! Wheee!!! The only downside: it's way hotter to sit in than my old skinny purple chair (this is a full on big black "manager's chair" with a back and arms and all), which is a pain in the Temecula summer. But it's comfy, and I now have back support. Nevermind that I'm currently slouched down, practically laying in the chair.
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  Sneak Peek: Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese 03:54 AM -- Wed August 27, 2003  

This is an ugly room. Sorry about that. It's the Rubber Room in the Crazy Asylum of Madness, and here Bouapha faces off against the deadly Mr. Crazypants. But what makes this shot so tremendously intriguing is the floor of the Rubber Room. It's rubber! If you look carefully, you'll notice Bouapha's shadow is quite a ways beneath him. That's because he's bounced high up in the air. Rubber is a new type of floor in Supreme, so far used only in this one room. There are much better uses for it though - put a spot of it in front of a river, and Bouapha can run up and use it to hop right over to the other side. I actually created it today, so that's why it's never been featured in any other levels. It's too bad, I think there's fun things to be done with it.

So furthermore, as you can see, I'm supremizing the Asylum. It's actually done now except for one more level. I've got to hurry... the contest deadline draws ever nearer. Mr. Crazypants is one of my favorite new enemies. You really have to see and hear him in action to see why.
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  Yawn 02:41 AM -- Tue August 26, 2003  

I'm sleepy. Fixed tons of little bugs and issues in Supreme today. All last night, from about 8pm until 11:30 this morning, my computer was busily rendering a new animation for Supreme. It's one you get as a reward for something that will take you quite a while to accomplish! Just like it took the computer quite a while to make it. I ordered some more RAM today, I hope that will make future animations less sluggish. I also bought a new office chair!! I'm sad to see the purple chair go, but I'm happy to discover the wonders of back support and comfort. Also sad is the inability to fit the chair under my desk, since this one has arms, so I'm further back than before. But I slid my monitor closer, and I guess things are a-ok! I like having arms on the chair.

In other news, today I received my first attempted phone order. We get 99% online orders, a few mail orders, and very rarely phone orders. But of course, we only just started handling orders ourselves this month, so it's taken until now for someone to call up with a phone order. Well, I didn't expect it... oops... I answered the phone, "Hello?" and got a very confused customer. In the end, she decided I wasn't a legit business (or maybe she just thought I wasn't really the guy who runs the website?) and said she'd call back. Hasn't happened yet, but caller, if you're reading this, see? I TOLD you I was legit!

Ah, probably cost me an order, but it was an experience... and a learning one - I will start answering the phone properly from now on.
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  Oops 04:18 AM -- Sat August 23, 2003  

Wish I had an edit button implemented for these journal entries... try clicking the IGF link in my previous entry to see why. I in fact am entering the Independent Games Festival, not any sort of women's fund.
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  Crunching 11:52 PM -- Fri August 22, 2003  

It's crunch time here at Hamumu. And I mean REALLY. It's not just me, who is crunching VERY hard on Supreme to have something fabulous ready by Sept 1st to enter the IGF, but also Sol Hunt, who has finally been given a classroom, just a few days before school starts. She's been scrambling to get it set up - and it's her first full-time classroom that's truly her own, and it's her first time teaching 4th grade, and it's a combo class with both 4th and 5th graders! Yesterday, she was doing things for it absolutely solid without a break for over 12 hours. Today's not looking too different as of now!

I don't crunch quite as hard she does, because I'm my boss. Right now I'm off to take a break and play some games. I need that to relax. I have been working nonstop since around 8:30 this morning, and I'll probably be back for more work tonight. But I can't keep that up all the time, it just burns me out. Today was extra tricky - I managed to let the Dr. Lunatic Bundle CDs to run out, and so I had to spend the morning making new ones - and fast, since somebody had already ordered one. So that really cut into my work time. And to make it more interesting, I used up the last of my blank CDs, and emptied my last ink cartridge! So I had to order new stuff, and I hope it arrives before I need to make any more CDs (well, I sorta hope not, since that would mean more sales... I'm torn).

But, all the work is worth it! The new stuff in Supreme is kickin' it old-school straight to the curb and back again with no shoes on. You can now not only upload your high scores, but your entire user profile as well. That means there will be a whole different set of records - for instance "Most chinese food eaten", and "Died the most times". It's gonna be fun. Now I just need to lay off the internet features and get back to supremizing the last remaining worlds.
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  Success!? 11:13 PM -- Wed August 20, 2003  

Looks like the online high scores are working! Sort of. There are some issues I'll have to work out, but it's doing it... it sends them to the website, they show up on the website, you can look them up, up it's all lovely! I'm tempted to put a link so you can see it, but there's just too much dust on the construction site. I don't know if it might break stuff still, or blow up all of Lichtenstein when you mistype a player name. But it's a nice system - you can pick any world from a list box (which is a pretty darn long list box, which will only grow longer...) to see high scores and times for that world, or you can click Top Records to see a page I haven't implemented yet which will tell you who has the absolute highest score, who has the most #1 scores, who is on the scoreboard the most, who has the shortest cumulative time records (question is, since only the top 3 are stored, what do you count for someone who isn't in the top 3? I guess maybe double the 3rd place time or something?), and that sort of thing. There's also a box where you can type in a player name, and see all the scores that player has (since only the top 3 are kept, you're not gonna see that player's top 3 scores on every level, but rather a list of all the levels where that player has scored in the top 3, if you see the difference). Good stuff! I'm excited about it. There's even cute little icons to indicate which character the player used to earn the scores. It also stores what difficulty they were playing on, but so far I don't display that... there's not much need, since your difficulty setting actually modifies your score in a way that will hopefully make things fairish! And if they're not fair, well then use whichever difficulty the guy with the #1 score used, you have access to it too, you know.
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  Brain overheat 05:05 AM -- Wed August 20, 2003  

I think today I actually wore out my brain. You know how when you exercise, your muscles get tired? That happened to my brain. I spent maybe 7 hours or so flat out hammering on the online high score situation for Supreme. It's incredibly complex, and I have to work on the game code, website code, and a CGI program for the website, all at the same time, to get them interlinked and working together. I haven't actually succeeded yet, but around 3:30 or so, I just suddenly was so tired, I had to take a nap. My brain was worn out.

And of course, the kicker to it all is that it shouldn't be complicated anyway... all I'm trying to do is store high scores and upload them to the web! But there's factors, people. There's factors.
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  Stuffed Turkey 08:56 PM -- Mon August 18, 2003  

Ow, my tummy. We went to an Indian buffet for lunch. I'm just not good at eating. I do it wrong. My fullness sensors don't work right. I don't know. Ow. Indian food is great, and best of all, as we attempt to be vegetarian(ish), all but about 3 things on their buffet fit right into our diet rules. So eat Indian! I never knew veggies could be so yummy. When I was younger, the only thing I ever ate at Indian restaurants was the awesome rice, tandoori chicken, and of course Naan through the nose (I ate it through my mouth typically, but I was trying to indicate eating a large amount of it - I think I failed and just sounded gross. You be the judge!). Turns out all that other stuff is really good.

Working on the online high score system... it's really turning out to be a bit of a nightmare! Right now it just plain won't connect to the server, even though it's the same exact code I just ripped from Stockboy, which works perfectly. So some more tweaking is in order (even though I already hacked stuff all the way down to the very core of the Supreme code!). Off to tweak.
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