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  Battle Hogs Electronically 06:24 PM -- Mon October 31, 2011  

I attempted to make a really special BHE game this year. I failed. But it's still here in very-partial working order, and I'm not done working. You can't try it, though, because I never implemented the lobby that lets you join the game. It currently plays with a group of people who are all Jamul, instead (and only on my local PC).

So as you can guess from what I said, it's an online game! It's kind of the next step up for the Great Pumpkin's Field. More accurately, it's a top-down rendition (using your website avatars) of a WoW dungeon run. Up to five people can team up to head into a dungeon and slay monsters. Each one has a few special abilities, and you need to employ them to keep everybody alive and make the monsters dead. You click to move (that's what the green circle is, I've clicked there), and there are keys for your different abilities (the numeric keypad, or the QWEASDZXC if you prefer that side of the keyboard).

What you see in the screenshot is of course a bunch of temp art. I drew the pigs especially for it, and they're even animated, but I have no idea why I made pigs. I just didn't know what kind of monsters I wanted.

What's the future of The Hamumu Dungeon Game Adventure Experience? I really intend to make it, but I had major major issues getting it working. Not so much technical problems as motivational ones. Dealing with all-new code problems in an all-new language, with massive painful restrictions (no global variables allowed!), and making gameplay that is an entirely new style, and having to spend several hours a day on B.H.E. events... it was all more than a little overwhelming. So I stopped working on that a couple weeks ago, and moved on to something more appropriate. But I intend to come back to this project, in small bits. I don't want to commit to getting anything particularly done on it, but it's a project I've long wanted to do, and so I want to keep giving it a shot until it's either a miserable failure, or it gets its hooks in me and drives me to finish it up. I think I'll fire it up for a couple weeks in December and see if I get anywhere. In the meantime, I have other things to do...

What else did I work on? Well, that's not done either, but tune in later today to hear all about it.
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