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  Nano Write Mo' 07:44 PM -- Mon November 28, 2011  

I gots ta write mo'! November has just about concluded. There are two days left, and I am giving up entirely on making games for them (as I have for the last couple days, recuperating from my Thanksgiving vacation!), so I can make it to the dreaded 50,000 words for Nanowrimo! I'm not actually officially competing because I'm not doing a single novel. And I do understand why that's the rule. It makes sense - keeping yourself on that one solid task for the entire month is a monster achievement. I'm not achieving that. But I am surely going to get 50,000 words of something down! I have to write just under 4,000 words tomorrow and the next day to pull it off. Today I wrote around 4,800 so it's clearly possible. But on the other hand, that's the first time I ever came close to that all month (which is of course why I have so many words left to go!). There were some days where I wrote none at all.

So that's my focus now for the next couple days! If it's all I'm working on, I gotta be able to pull it off right? Nothing works quite like enforced creativity. What I've done with my 40,000+ words so far is about 22,000 words of a novel (a very bad fantasy novel - my theory was that in fantasy, you can just make stuff happen as they go along on a quest, and just keep writing because you can always have something else attack them. Turns out it's still hard to write), a bunch of started halves of short stories of various lengths, and then just a handful of stories written all the way through. Most of those would qualify as flash fiction because I did them in a single day, making them under 2,000 words and some under 1,000. Some of those, just a select few, I think are gonna work! Somebody somewhere might like them, if I edit them up nicely. So I feel like I got something out of this month of labor. Maybe.
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