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  Eddie's Lament! 01:51 PM -- Sun January 23, 2011  

Hamumu has just released a game! But you won't find it on this site, because it's not really something that belongs here. It's not that it's inappropriate, it's more like one of those things that if someone posted it on the forum, I wouldn't delete it, but I'd consider it on the edge. There's a tiny bit of blood, and it has slightly graphic descriptions of violence. Overall, it's just more "adult" than what we have here, being a dark comedy about grief and loss (or something like that).

And so, without further ado, I link you to it, and remember the warning: it's a little bit adult, and fairly dark! Play Eddie's Lament!

And hey, I get a bonus if it gets to be featured on Kongregate or on another site I definitely can't mention here but that 2/3 of you frequent daily (separate bonus for each site!), so please rate it highly on both of those sites! Don't you want to help me rock?
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