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  Best Hamumian Ever! 10:19 AM -- Wed October 26, 2011  

Just like I warned you every time a contest ended... we now have the Best Hamumian Ever Tournament Of Champions! This is not a new contest, it's just a combination of your scores on the existing contests (adjusted based on how many points can reasonably be scored in each game, so that they all contribute about equally to the score). So go forth and do as well as you can on all four games in the contests! You can check the current rankings at the bottom of the BHE page.

On October 31st, the winners will be announced. First place receives 3 random Monster Cards, second place gets 2, and third place gets 1. These monster cards are totally random, except that they are guaranteed to be ones you don't own yet.

If you are curious about the exact calculation for this, it's ((dumbwordsScore*500)/200)+((tagScore*500)/30)+((wordSearchScore*500)/40000)+((pirateScore*500)/40000).

In other news, today is the last day to send in Halloween Horror worlds! So get to it!
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