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  Behold, Hamumians Enrobed! 11:25 AM -- Sun October 2, 2011  

Enter our yearly costume contest now!

Well, don't enter now... work on your costume now, and enter sometime before the 24th. I think I probably say this every year, but I LOVE the costume contest! It's my favorite part of BHE every time. You see people coming up with totally crazy costumes and being crazy in crazy ways with craziness. It's the best. Go now, become Enrobed, Hamumian!
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  BEST HALLOWEEN EVER 2011!!! 10:30 AM -- Sat October 1, 2011  

It's time!!! YAY!!!! Keep your eyes tuned to this journal all month, as this is always the best place to catch announcements. But in case you miss anything, this year I've added a new page: The BHE Info Page. So you can always get links to everything major right there.

So, there will be new things happening almost every day, but what's new for today? Well, first of all, we begin Belittling Horror Excessively, my month of horror movie reviews, which I am looking forward to greatly. Doesn't everybody love watching horror movies in October?

Secondly, it wouldn't be BHE if there wasn't a BHE contest! Get your brain in gear and think up the most amazing surprise, with that wow factor, as Gordon Ramsay would put it!

And of course, it wouldn't be another month, without a new T-Shirt Of The Month! Show your Halloween pride!

In other Halloween news, I'd also like to plug something else going on this month... Our fellow indies RTSoft are running a 30-day Funeral Quest tourney! Like it sounds, that's a game where you run a funeral home. There's apparently a prize, described as "suitably disgusting", so how could you miss out on that? You can't. Play now!
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