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  Still A Pond 01:20 PM -- Thu March 3, 2011  

Just to share what I'm up to, here's Still Pond running on the Playbook simulator:

It's not that small, that's how it looks when you 'tab away' from it. If I showed it in action, it'd look just like on PC, except wider screen. I only made a few changes to the game - the Playbook is 1024x600 (the game is normally 800x600), so I widened the play area, which is fine since you will be playing with finger taps. That's way easier than using a mouse. I also fudged where you click, since a finger is not a precision instrument. That'll make it even easier yet! Unfortunately, I can't actually try playing it on a real device, so I don't know if it needs gameplay changes to make that not too easy or whatever - faster falling objects? Did I guess a good finger-tap size? Who knows. I also added an exit button during gameplay, because there's no ESC key to hit.

That's about it! It was a really simple game to port. They better accept it! I think it's an amusing game, but if they don't get that it is a game, or what all is lurking behind the scenes for the skilled player, they may be hesitant to allow it. The iPhone version of the game really kind of drops a lot of the facade of pretentiousness and shows off that it's a game, but I want to stick with the joke. Hopefully that will be good.

Now I'm just waiting for them to actually approve me as a developer, and I can submit it and see what they think!
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