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  Slacker Attacker 04:56 PM -- Wed June 8, 2011  

I'm writing this post to avoid working on Mia's Happy Day! Right now, I'm trying to get the website set up to sell it. Last time I made a game for sale was like two years ago. There's so many little things I need to set up on the site. Don't go looking for them, I'm doing them on my offline copy. But I'm getting there!

So on that topic, this is how Mia's Happy Day is working. You can play the official levels for free, but if you want to build levels and play other peoples' levels, you have to pay up, cash money! It's $4.95, and half of that goes to charity (The Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation), so if you don't buy it, you're a scrooge. The free version shall be splattered all over the web, and I'm thinking about trying to put MochiAds in it too (all the more reason to play at Hamumu, where we don't do ads!). So hopefully it will drag people here to Hamumu as well as getting them to pay up. I'm also going to see if I can get into the Kongregate microtransaction beta, so that people can buy access there as well, instead of coming here. That's important because people do not like signing up at new places, and there are lots of people signed up at Kongregate!

Still so much to do. It's a lot harder to make something for sale than to just put up a free game. Yeesh.
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  Sony Mea Culpa, Ergo Carpe Ludum! 09:01 PM -- Sun June 5, 2011  

So, Sony got hacked, and I got free games out of it! I chose Little Big Planet and Infamous of the choices available. I'm very pleased with my choices, both of them seem really awesome. I felt like a kid again sitting here all day and plowing through Infamous for like 6 hours. I die an awful lot, but I keep enjoying it. Like any game, it got even more fun when I gained the ability to grind rails (you have this ability from the start in Mia's Happy Day, just to maximize the fun). I only played Little Big Planet for two or three levels so far, but it's really impressive. I just want to keep cranking on Infamous! Instead of working!

In other games-I-am-playing news, I finished Lego Batman 100%! Fun like Lego games are. I also joined Goozex (that's a referral link, just in case anybody joins! I would love some freebies). It's a game trading site, basically like swapping games with your friends, except for a couple differences: it costs $1.99 to get each game, and you don't trade one-to-one. Instead, you list games you have, people request them, and you earn points (more for better/newer games) when they say they've received it. Then you use those points to request games from other people. It's a good system, with a bunch of protections against bad traders, and so far I have disposed of about 20 of my games, and received 2, with 2 more in the mail. Because you list all the games you're interested in, and it matches up what it can based on who is offering what and how many points you have, I managed to end up with two Metroid games (Prime 3 and Other M - from 2 minutes of testing out each, Other M seems infinitely superior! But alas, I must play in order) as my first two games. That's a little lame, but I am excited to be soon receiving Heavy Rain and Madworld.

It's been years since I played significant amounts of non-WoW games, so this is kinda special and new to have this ongoing source of new games, and it's really firing up my game design organs. Every game I play fills me with ideas to rip off, and I can already see dozens in just the little bits I've played of these. As much as I like to joke about "doing research", the truth is that playing lots of different games really is great for me, and not at all a waste of time. Sure, it becomes a waste of time when I keep plugging away at every game for hours and hours until I finish them, but that's the part of the game-playing that's for fun. The other part, the first few hours with each game, is real honest-to-goodness quality research. It's as useful to see stuff I like and want to steal as it is to see terrible things I should avoid. Sometimes, on moonlit nights, I even see things that inspire me to have my own semi-related original idea rather than just stealing!

In other news, Mia's Happy Day is really-super-almost done, and I have something else I'm doing that I will discuss later!
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