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  Beaten, Horses Escape. 06:09 PM -- Mon October 31, 2011  

The Great Pumpkin's Field was exciting as always (you can still enjoy it for the next twelve hours or so!). But this year, there was a prize! Every pony defeated earned a raffle ticket for everybody who helped destroy it. The top ticket-holder was Redbone, with 55 victories under his belt (10% of all the tickets!). SpaceManiac was a close second with 50. Most people had just one or two tickets. Yet, in the end I ran a raffle, and they didn't win it... the winning Ponyslayer this year was...


Yahoo! He had 20 tickets, so not a major upset there. Darkguyhades, send me an email with shipping information and enjoy your new Loonyland CD!
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  Best Halloween Entries 10:17 AM -- Mon October 31, 2011  

First off, let me remind everybody that today is at last the Best Halloween Ever, so share your surprises!

But mainly this post is here to lay down results for the many assorted contests which end today!

Bite Here, Enjoy had three entries, so they all win! In first place, it's .Blue Dwarf. with his Pumpkin Goo! Second place is Happystikbeaver with Mallow-Mushrooms. Third place is Megadog's Marzipan Ghost. Congratulations + yum.

Behold Hamumians Enrobed is also over! The top costume of the year by far was The Red Baron by Happystikbeaver:

In second place was Megadog's Punk Bunny, and third place was Boneheads1999's Bouapha!

And now we know who the Best Hamumian Ever is (scores are at the bottom of that page, yeah kind of awkward and I should've added an anchor for them)! Wouldn't you know it, it's ME! But anyway, in terms of people who aren't me, first place goes to BryanSNK who just barely edged out Cheeselord in second, and third place is Megadog. Congratulations folks, and monster cards are coming your way today.

Now that's not all, because I still have to run the raffle for The Great Pumpkin's Field, so let me go get that set up, among many other things, and get back to you! From this moment on, the field no longer awards raffle tickets, so enjoy it in fun! The ponies are super scary for Halloween. You will need your friends, as well as the enormous amount of firepower the field is currently dishing out (you are welcome to idle on the page today, it gives out a weapon every 30 seconds).
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  Braggarts Handled, Everybody! 10:50 AM -- Sun October 30, 2011  

Brag Here, Everybody is now over, and after a quick randomizing, the prize has been raffled off. The winner is Cheeselord, netting him the most amazing Monster Card of them all, the Microfish. Enjoy!
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  Barked, Howled, Etc.! 10:38 AM -- Sun October 30, 2011  

BryanSNK is the winner of the coolest Monster Card sound in our Bark, Howl, Etc. contest, with his Happy Stick Man sound!

He is now the proud (or not, I haven't checked) owner of a Bok Bok monster card! Happy Stick Man would've been a classier prize, but it was random.
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  Built Halloween Environments, Builders Handed Emblems! 10:58 AM -- Sat October 29, 2011  

Aaaand the results are in! The winners of Build Haunted Environments are...

Blackduck in first place,
Moltanem2000 in second place, and
Kerma in third place!

Congratulations to the top builders, and remember, tomorrow is the raffle for Brag Here, Everybody, as well as the results for Bark, Howl, Etc. so get your stories in for the former and your votes in for the latter! It's almost Halloween!
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  Brainy Humans ________ (Win!) 03:31 PM -- Fri October 28, 2011  

It is time for the winners of "Brainy Humans _______", the Dumbwords tournament! And without further ado, the aforementioned winners are:

BryanSNK in first,
Davedude in second,
and Trex one point behind him!

Congratulations to them, and to them and everyone else, keep on playing Dumbwords and the other games, because you want to win Best Hamumian Ever! Good luck!
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  Best Hamumian Ever! 10:19 AM -- Wed October 26, 2011  

Just like I warned you every time a contest ended... we now have the Best Hamumian Ever Tournament Of Champions! This is not a new contest, it's just a combination of your scores on the existing contests (adjusted based on how many points can reasonably be scored in each game, so that they all contribute about equally to the score). So go forth and do as well as you can on all four games in the contests! You can check the current rankings at the bottom of the BHE page.

On October 31st, the winners will be announced. First place receives 3 random Monster Cards, second place gets 2, and third place gets 1. These monster cards are totally random, except that they are guaranteed to be ones you don't own yet.

If you are curious about the exact calculation for this, it's ((dumbwordsScore*500)/200)+((tagScore*500)/30)+((wordSearchScore*500)/40000)+((pirateScore*500)/40000).

In other news, today is the last day to send in Halloween Horror worlds! So get to it!
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  Vote Here, Enjoy! 11:58 AM -- Tue October 25, 2011  

It's time to vote for your favorite Halloween treat... Vote Here, Enjoy! We've only got three recipes entered, so everybody will win. Now go pick which one will win first place!
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  Begin Hamumu Entering! 11:38 AM -- Sun October 23, 2011  

Today is the first and biggest deadline day! Bark, Howl, Etc. I think was supposed to be in before today, but I'll let you get them in all day today too. Behold Hamumians Enrobed must be in today! Get that costume photographed! Build Haunted Environments also is over tomorrow morning, so finish making your levels today! I will be closing all these contests tomorrow morning when I wake up, so get them done in less than 20 hours!

In slightly later deadline news, Bite Here, Enjoy ends a day later, so you have all day tomorrow to turn that in, and Halloween Horror 12 ends the day after that.

Let me just tell you, with the tiny number of entries in all these contests, you're almost guaranteed a prize if you enter! There is one, I won't tell you which, where you could be the second person to enter, guaranteeing at least second place! Of course other people might enter too... but then that's the point of this paragraph, I'm using clever psychology to trick lots of people into entering. So enter now! Don't worry about doing something awesome, just do something!
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  Brainy Humans ________ 12:49 PM -- Fri October 21, 2011  

Could it be another webgame tournament?! It sure could! Come by every day and drop in a word, it's the fastest game on earth, and you will win 50 Yerfbucks if you have the highest score on October 28th. 25 Yerfbucks for second place, 10 Yerfbucks for 3rd.

Don't forget to keep working on your scores in all the other tournaments, even though they're over...
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