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  Japanese Candy Fest 2013: Guimauve 01:12 PM -- Tue October 1, 2013  

9/10 YUMS
This is an altogether unique experience. Even the name is awfully unique. What you get here is a bunch of rather dense, firm marshmallows, in 2 colors. the peach-colored ones (or mango-colored ones) are mango flavored, and the green ones are kiwi flavored. The flavor is very strong, mainly because it comes straight from actual fruit juice. The texture is just dandy... they're not as airy and collapsible as normal marshmallows, yet not as dense and stale as Lucky Charms marshmallows. They're almost like much-less-dense taffy.

And it is an enjoyable experience to chew on them! I give them 9/10 Yums. They remind me a bit of Now & Laters (which are basically squares of fruit taffy), but they're so much softer and they don't get all up in your teeth like taffy does. Fruitastic!
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