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  ... And we're back! 03:56 PM -- Wed October 9, 2013  

I think. I don't have a whole lot of faith in all the spit and bailing wire I just strapped around the site, but I do see some journals and forum posts that weren't there before.

A general website development tip - even if your admin panel gives you a nice handy "Update MySQL version" button, don't click it unless you know what you're doing (turns out not even the techs knew what they were doing in that regard, so I don't feel as bad as I could). So that took the site down and made an extreme ultimate mess of all things. I've restored everything from backups as far as I know, the most that could've been lost now (barring some huge surprise, which is plenty possible) is posts made in about a half hour window earlier today, after I did my manual SQL backup.

Hey, that's web tip number 2: If you're going to destroy your site, back up the database first!

Please let me know if you see anything deeply wrong with the website still, I've only taken the time for a quick glance so far.
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