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  Better Two Years Late Than Never! 10:27 AM -- Tue October 29, 2013  

Hey folks! Our first Supreme add-on in 2 years has been uploaded! I hope it works right, because other than starting it up, I didn't test it. For the first time, I have relied entirely on The Amazing Testing Cooperative (feel free to join it yourself if you want to play new worlds, there are several in testing!). Anyway, go visit the Supreme Add-Ons page and pick up Summer Silliness 9 - BD by Boyd. You could also rate it on the Add-Ons page after you play it, that's always nice.

I was a couple months late to posting this add-on, for a goofy reason... I thought I might not have the tools to do this stuff anymore, or not know how, so I kept putting it off, assuming it would take most of a day to get it all working again (time I did not have). Well, it turns out everything was sitting there and easy to use, so I had it up on the website within half an hour. So, sorry about that. Now I know, and I can fire up the next one as soon as I hear it's ready.

Happy Halloween!! And go sacrifice your items to the horrifying maw of Growganoth in Growtopia. As you might expect from Hamumu, our Halloween event in Growtopia is the biggest and best event the game has ever had.
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