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  Japanese Candy Fest 2013: Pureral Gummy 08:22 PM -- Thu October 3, 2013  

Pureral Gummy
6/10 YUMS
I'm not even sure what to call these. Here are some various names I can find in English on them: Pureral Gummy (pureral isn't a word, is it?), Soft Candy, Kabaya Pualalu, and Okinawa Passion Fruit & Citrus. That last one is probably your best bet - This is a package of two flavors of gummies - passion fruit and lime. They have a semi-liquid center, and the outside is a soft sort of gummy, about like konnyaku jelly if you've ever experienced that (I'm not a fan of those). The fruit flavor is strong as you'd expect from Japanese candy, the texture is a bit odd and off-putting, and it's all rather sweet.

That's about all there is to these! I'm not a gummy guy in general, and these are rather odd gummies. The flavor helps pull them through, but the texture is a little tough for me to get past, though it's not nearly as blurky as konnyaku jelly. I give them 6/10 Yums.
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