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  Japanese Candy Fest 2013: Yummy Pencils 04:42 PM -- Fri October 4, 2013  

Yummy Pencils
8/10 YUMS
You know, I was way into these at first... they're hard candies, so my "way into" can only go so far, but I was really liking them. Then I came across one of the odd flavors. There are, I think, 2 of the flavors in here (there are something like 8 flavors! Quite a variety) which contain some sort of weird cactus or flower flavor/smell in them in addition to the nice fruit flavor. It's very offputting to be enjoying this lovely fruit and suddenly almost feel like you're smelling perfume, or eating aloe vera. Not good.

But other than those oddities, these are great. They're very strongly fruity and sweet, and it's fun that they're shaped like pencils and have pictures of various pencils making faces on their packages, so even with the failure flavors, I rate the experience an 8/10.
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