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  Solarthon! 01:51 PM -- Mon October 7, 2013  

Hello folks, let me spam you. We're helping to build solar systems for 7 low-income families in Temecula on November 9th. But we need $400 to get it going! There are 7 families getting solar all on the same day, so if you can even spare $7 to donate to the cause, you'd be making a big difference. It is a real live legitimate charity, so you can write it off on your taxes too. Come on, click the link, donate a few bucks, and not only will some people get free electricity for decades, but the planet will get a tiny bit cleaner too.

Note: we will actually be physically involved with building one of these solar systems, so one family might not actually end up with working electricity. Still, we're gonna try!

Click the pretty picture and help people! Click it click it now

If you can't afford to help out, please spread the word. What Grid Alternatives is doing is really cool, and cooler yet if they do well enough to keep expanding and take over the world with solar power.
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