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  Hamumu Changes! 01:52 PM -- Sun May 12, 2013  

Hey folks! Look, I'm a-bloggin! I just made some kinda subtle, kinda major, changes to the Hamumu site just now.

I've removed the Mac versions of Loonyland, Kid Mystic, and Pumpkin Pop, since few people even own the Macs that could run them anymore (yay Apple for changing their OS constantly and having no backwards compatibility! I shall not rant). As much as I'd like to just leave them there for the few who could use them, it's far more often that they cause angry customers and refunds than happy results. I left up the two freebies (Retrovirus and Ninja Academy) that have Mac versions, just in case anybody wants to nab those still for whatever reason.

I've also removed the ability to purchase with anything other than Paypal or Yerfbucks! Well, I mean you can use a credit card to pay through Paypal, so it's not like you need a Paypal account to order. You can still use all the same methods you could before (no mail order, but if you send me a check, I'm happy to send you a game. Last time somebody did that was like 5 years ago! Trivia fact: Nobody ever used the fax order option, not once in over 10 years).

Now why did I do such a thing? Because just yesterday I set the wheels in motion to form a corporation! That's right, Hamumu is going to be an Inc. pretty soon. That doesn't actually mean anything for anybody on the outside, it's just something I'm doing for tax and liability purposes, but it's sort of exciting for some reason. I'm gonna get a share of stock! Anyway, the big issue is that transferring over the merchant account from the company to the corporation would've been complicated, and I have had my own complications with the merchant account in the past year, so I'm happier to dispose of it and just let things be easy instead of super-complex!

With my focus 100% on Growtopia (and rightly so indeed), I like to get all my ducks into a row that is very simple and organized in all other areas.

Speaking of Growtopia, I won't spoil anything, but we have BIG BIG BIG weekends coming up this weekend and next. Probably the biggest, most exciting, non-holidays we've ever done. Fun stuff is coming. We also broke 3,000 players online at once (without any lag problems!) for the first time ever this weekend, so we're still growing! Some other interesting stats that Seth was sharing with me yesterday: As I tweeted, the top time-played in Growtopia is somebody with 1270 hours played, and not a single dime spent, a statistic I'm very proud of. That tells me our game isn't "evil" with its in-app purchases. Also yesterday, the total playtime for the day between all players combined was over 48,000 hours - Five and a half years of human potential was squandered on Growtopia in a single day. Imagine what the world could've accomplished.
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