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  Japanese Candy Fest 2013: Strawberry Baked Pie 01:37 PM -- Wed September 25, 2013  

Strawberry Baked Pie
9/10 YUMS
Now here's something different! These are hexagonal pies. Well, sort of. They are hexagons of puff pastry, about an inch across, very light and flaky, just your usual puff pastry. Inside, they are stuffed with - you guessed it - strawberry chocolate. It is most unfortunate that now, as I am down to my last 3 pies, I examined the box closely enough to realize there are microwave directions on here. I've been eating raw pie! No, it's not raw at all, but it apparently is supposed to be warmed up! I just gave one a 7-second cook (I see a 6 next their list of microwave wattages, so maybe it's supposed to go 6 seconds? It's sure not supposed to go 6 minutes, I can tell you that), and it was more delicious than ever. I've got two more chances... I think I'm gonna try a little longer. Hmm, after 10 seconds, the strawberry goo inside is still cold, but I'm scared to go longer.

Let's try it with the last one anyway. 30 full seconds... but wait, is the 6 talking about power settings? Let's give it a while at 60%. Oh wow. Yep. Do it! Thirty seconds at 60% made it piping hot, yet non-lethal, and oh so much tastier!

So what's not to like? You got puff pastry, strawberry chocolate, warmth, and that's that. Yummy pie. I think I'm gonna raise my initial rating now that I've baked my own pie. Deserving a full 9/10 after I nuked it into yumtown. I wanna get these again and cook them up properly next time! I also want to try the chocolate flavor. I'd also love to get these with a jam type filling instead of the strawberry chocolate, because they really do work nicely as little tiny pies.
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