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  Japanese Candy Fest 2013: Sour Grape Soft Candy 10:26 PM -- Thu September 26, 2013  

Sour Grape Soft Candy
2/10 YUMS
Oomph. I didn't realize these were sour when I got them, then I noticed the face the grape-monster was making on the package. Also, the English description on these, "Soft Candy", is remarkably misleading. These candies are rock hard. Now, they are gummies, but they start out incredibly hard, and they have to sit in your mouth a while before you can even begin to chew them without suffering dental injury. So they are little pyramids of rock hard grape-flavored gummy, coated in sour powder.

Now I don't mind sour candy, I kind of enjoy it, but these just aren't good. They actually kind of taste like wine at first (well, once you get past the initial blast of ULTRA SOUR), then as the sour powder fades away they become just sweet grape flavor. Combine those flavor oddities with the hard texture, and it's just not pleasant. I must admit that I was initially attracted to these because they have some sort of special coin thing involved - on the back of the package it displays a few different coins with little gems and swords and such on them, and assigns them numerical values of some type. Inside the package, you find a few such coins in addition to the grape candies. They are the same hard gummy as the grapes, but they have a different flavor, and seem to have less sourness although I may have just gotten one that was underpowdered. I actually like them a lot better.

I hate to be all sour grapes about this, but I'm giving these 2/10 Yums, and there is some debate as to whether I'll even finish the package. And for me vs. candy, that's pretty serious!
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