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  Japanese Candy Fest 2013: Coconut Pocky 09:40 PM -- Fri September 27, 2013  

Coconut Pocky
9/10 YUMS
Pocky is back! Yeah, I got a few. These ones are just what you would expect: a Pocky stick, with chocolate on it, and coconut bits in the chocolate. The only other fact worth noting here is that the chocolate seems to be lighter than usual, a very light color, and more sweet (I.e. further from dark chocolate). I don't know if they jammed some coconut oil or coconut milk or something into it, but whatever is in there, it's good sweet chocolate.

Normally, I do not like dried coconut. I love the flavor of coconut, and coconut oil is like my favorite substance in the world, but dried coconut is a texture problem for me. Little bits of paper in your mouth that won't go away. However, they did a really nice job here, perhaps just by shredding the coconut into very small bits, or maybe it's kept soft by the chocolate. I don't know, but whatever it is, it makes the coconut much more a flavor and less a texture, so it's fantuberous! I rate Coconut Pocky 9/10 Yums. It is chocolatey, coconutty, and delicious.
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