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  Kid Hallow Insider Info #2 04:20 PM -- Sat October 30, 2021  

I forgot to add any links last time, I should probably be advertising the game while I do this... Let's talk about the new art in Kid Hallow! All the stuff that looks good is by Ben Rose as usual. It starts with the awesome new title screen which you can see in miniature above, but here's a juicier taste:

From there, we see the good ol' Costume Party menu:

Probably some level names that old Costume Party fans remember in there. The new stuff here is mostly subtle, but also we have these walls on the side. That's what goes up in order to cover up the dead space because nowadays, monitors are wider than they are tall, and back in my misspent youth (2008), they were square(ish)! So you always have those on the sides in full-screen, but they don't just sit there. You'll see what they do! It's nothing important, but it's fun.

Then there's also a game in there (click for bigger)!

If you want to dig through a bunch of screenshots, you can visit the Kid Hallow Press Kit. But there are some cool new things going on here. Obviously the display at the top is all new and cracked up. But there are also new backgrounds (the only returning one is the brick background in the middle shot. It's iconic and already pixelated), and a bunch of new stuff I should be saving for the next update... but it's hard to ignore: yes, levels can be dark now, only letting you see stuff that's not behind walls. There are also Purplekoopa's Eyeball Trees, which are pure evil. And Boneheads! Other new stuff in those shots too, but that comes in the next update. I guess in the realm of "just art" we have those brick walls in the middle and right screenshots, with torches and windows - those are new background tiles. They go in the overlay layer, but they show up under everything instead of on top of everything.

Definitely something for tomorrow, but look - there are some new animations for most characters! Specifically, ducking. Every character that used to not be able to duck, now can. For most of them, this is completely useless, but it feels nice (squats are healthy). For a few, it has real important functionality. Guess you'll find that out tomorrow when we talk about the new tricks the characters have!
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