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  The Future Adventures of Bouapha 10:39 AM -- Fri August 20, 2021  

Thanks to Ben Rose (aka HSB) for creating a tiny bit of art for me. It was just an idea I had and wanted to see. My elevator pitch was "Dark Souls Bouapha". I did not suggest the Yerfdog shoulder tattoo, but now that I see it, I feel like I may finally have to get my first real tattoo. Maybe. Not the no-pumpkins one though, because I have no problem with pumpkins.

I had it printed out on canvas, and it looks amazing on canvas. I have not managed to get it framed yet, but I'll share that when I do.

While this picture does not represent any actual development plans, it can be assumed that if Bouapha returns in a 3D adventure, his hammer will be at least this big.
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