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  Hamumu Journal?! 02:00 AM -- Thu November 12, 2009  

Really, I'm trying! Look at me, blogging! I know it's been remarkably quiet here in the Journal Zone, but I'm trying to get back to where it should be once again. After the new site was released, and The Fantasy Pack, I was ready for relaxation! But instead what I got was frantic hammering away at the massive number of rather serious problems with the site.

So I have spent the past couple weeks simultaneously relaxing with my usual video games and TV, and desperately trying to plug the gaping holes in the website. Not really relaxing or productive. But not too bad either way. So I guess I'm done vacationing, since I can't afford to be doing that, and here I am!

There are still many major issues with the website, but each day I knock a few down, and it gets a little bit cleaner. As far as actually ever making a game again... I hope that's coming soon! Surely one day I won't have to spend all day every day hacking at the site anymore, right?

The question I get more than any other these days is "When's the next Behind The Dumb?" And the answer is, "As soon as I get back to working on Loonyland Tactics, because that's what that show covers!" Of course, I hope my camera still works... So let's hope that's soon, but the website is definitely still the priority, until it's in such a state that I can actually justify advertising it to the public at large instead of just running it in secret. Businesses work so much better when the public knows they exist, don't you think?
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