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  It's Been A Long November 09:22 PM -- Sun November 13, 2011  

I bet I've used this title before. So, behold something sort of like gameplay in Witch Game! That orange rose is a skeleton blowing up, with a very cool explosion that I borrowed from the Tigsource Assemblee stuff. Free art, very nice (This one is by Frankiesmileshow, to give some credit). So, skeletons limp around, and you throw your broom at them to blow them up. It's nice.

Progress is slow, because the focus this month is on Nanowrimo. I'm only a little behind on that, but I've hardly worked at all on game development. It's not the best break overall because it's nonstop work (750words.com is an evil trap!), yet at the same time, so unproductive. I laze out a lot and play a lot of WoW because I'm trying to simultaneously avoid my two obligations. No TV, though. We're trying to do a No-TV November, and as of today are holding strong. Well, holding, anyway.

I've also created the first boss for Witch Game, though he's not fully implemented. You'll get to see it some other time. It is kind of disturbing, but in a way that you'd need to see it in action to truly appreciate (much like that explosion, which is really great in motion).

Maybe the game really should be called Witch Game, so people can have conversations like "Have you seen that game?" "Which game?" "Exactly!"
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