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  Learning To Blend: Week 2 09:26 AM -- Sun January 16, 2011  

This week may actually seem a step back, and I actually did spend less time on it. But last week was theoretically just to make a box, so I'm still following what I'm supposed to do! This week's goal was a pine tree, and not some real-life pine tree, but the classic Hamumu type. So there it is:

Loonyland 2 in The Matrix

It was really easy, I doubt I spent more than half an hour total messing around with Blender at all this week, but I am staying on schedule and maybe learning things. I did switch it to left-select and turntable rotation as was suggested last week. I'm still not entirely sure what turntable did, but left-select is nice.

You should learn along with me! Download the latest Blender beta from www.blender.org, and make a pine tree! You can skip the church-making, since that week was supposed to be a box, and you have to have some background in 3D modeling to very quickly get into all the vertex-scooting that it took. But this week's project was very basic: All I had to do was add primitives to the screen and scale and translate them. Then I got them textured in a sense, but that's not actually scheduled for many weeks, which is good because it's utterly confusing how that works so far. Don't forget there's always an undo button!
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