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  Pedro's Archive Gears Up 01:39 PM -- Tue January 18, 2011  

I haven't progressed in terms of the map and tiles and things in this game, but what I have done is implement a variety of Pedro's tools! Not pictured here is the key, but I think you know how that works (if not, try Time Pygmy - it will explain it very clearly... provided you can figure out how to get the key). So, so far Pedro has a stepladder to reach higher places (no double jump for you!), a broom with which to beat Dustbunnies into dust, and a vacuum. The vacuum's official purpose is to catch ghosts (not implemented), but its secondary purpose is that it sucks in enemies and other objects from a distance, which is bound to be full of puzzly goodness! I'm really happy with how it works.

Also pictured is a giant Dustbunny. They are normally smaller, that's sort of a 'miniboss' one. This is in place of the idea of actually sweeping the floor. Maybe it will be more exciting to pummel living dirt than sweep up the dead kind?
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