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  Learning To Blend: Week 3 10:03 AM -- Sun January 23, 2011  

A Drab Penguin

This week's project was to make a humanoid figure. But when I sat down to do it, I really wasn't sure what humanoid meant. My 'human' characters are not particularly humanoid. So I stopped and thought about it, and decided to make the kind of character I might use in a game, whatever that might be. The first thing that came to mind was a penguin.

The thing that I am finding odd and difficult is that I can't seem to make anything look vibrant at all in Blender. It's all blah and washed out. The yellow on this penguin is maxed out 255,255,0 pure yellow, but it looks like that. Maybe I just need to figure out how to boost the ambient light. I hope so. It's obviously very low considering the pitch black shadows on this. Anyway, building-wise (which is all I'm supposed to be doing at this point), this was a lot harder than it should've been. Mirroring is very funky and hard to figure out. I guess I'm learning something... we'll see! At some point I might actually consider touching a tutorial instead of fumbling blindly in the lack of ambient light.
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