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  Nanomumu 12:38 PM -- Tue November 1, 2011  

You have no idea how hard it was to title this entry without a B.H.E. acronym.

Ah, I have just finished awarding all the Halloweenie trophies. I'm so sad - like every year, I made a new Halloweenie trophy for people who kept making BHEs for all the consecutive years it existed (we're up to 5!), but this year nobody got one! Quite a few 4-timers, but nobody has hit 5. All that beautiful effort gone to waste.

So, that's all over now! The site is back to its usual boring self once again, unless there are still remnants I've forgotten to clean up, like leftover party streamers. That was an exhausting month. And now I have so much I have to do today to get started on the next month. As the title of this entry implies, I am changing my focus for the month. It is November, after all, and that means it's time for Nanowrimo! I'm going to participate in that, but my goal is to write a bunch of stories rather than a novel, so I'm not officially participating. Just trying to write 50,000 words worth of somewhat quality writing. Or at least writing that will warm me up to get better at writing. In fact, this month has been declared (not by me, but by Powers Beyond My Control) an official No-TV month, which is a scary prospect. So, no TV, got some books at the library to get me feeling literary, and 50,000 words ahead of me.

I'm not taking the month off from witch-game development, but the focus is definitely on writing. I will only be doing game work when all the writing for the day is done. But not today! Today I have so many other things to get done, with bills and royalties and charity and all that fun first of the month stuff! I guess I have to do a newsletter too, and Indie Indie Conversation, and a new T-Shirt of the Month. Yikes. I'm exhausted again.
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