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  Seven Days In A Dungeon 04:29 PM -- Fri March 4, 2011  

Yikes, I just noticed this starts tomorrow! I saw somebody mention the annual 7DRL last week and it got me kind of excited. I'm sitting smack between games at the moment, doing some really random things... I could spare a week doing something really cool, right?

For people too lazy to click, a 7DRL is a Seven Day Roguelike Challenge. You have a week, starting March 5th (TOMORROW!) to create a roguelike game. It seems like a very disorganized contest, with not only no rules, but no general hints as to what would be the right thing to do... but I know what a roguelike is, and I know what a week is, and I know what a challenge is, so I think I can figure it out. Can you? Join me, on the 7DRL! I know at least one Hamumian who has started creating his own roguelike game with Forgs in it. And the closest things to rules it has do clearly state that you can start from any existing work you want, no limits. So carry on, make a game, have some fun! You can include glasses and do double-duty with the current Dumb Dare.

All I know about my entry is that it will not be turn-based, and it will be graphical, and that the idea of NPC Quest 2 is tempting, but maybe I should make something you actually play instead.

On a related note, did you even know Usenet still existed? I was surprised.
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