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  7DRL Progress 11:21 AM -- Tue March 8, 2011  

Well, let's see... on Saturday (the first day), I was deeply bogged down in the tech of the game. I made progress, but it was very slow. I'm working from the IDIOT code, or rather the code from the unifnished revamp of that - it already is a Roguelike in almost every possible way! But this game required some serious core design regarding just what a "Player" is, a "Creature", a "Skill", and on and on. I think I reached some kind of workable point to build from, maybe.

Then on Sunday, my wife ran a 5K and I cheered her on (huzzah!), and we were in town the rest of the day, eating out and being celebratory.

Then on Monday, I had an appointment in town, but it was raining, so we had to share a car (only my car is wise to drive on a wet, slimy, dirt road with huge lakes to drive through), which meant I was in town all day while she worked. I brought the game on a USB stick to work on... or thought I did. As of this writing, I still don't know where that USB stick went. It may be lost in my car somewhere.

Then Monday night, just as I started to fall asleep feeling perfectly fine, I began shivering uncontrollably. I spent the rest of the night in a chair, except the hours I spent sitting in front of the toilet willing my stomach to remain calm (I succeeded! barely). I still feel sick now. I just braved the world of food right now. I think I will be taking it easy today, hopefully I'll feel wondrous and rocket ahead, but for now, laying quietly seems safer.

And that's my progress on my 7DRL game! Tentatively entitled HamQuest. For a little background, it's based on this design I've been working on for the past 6 months. It's just an idea of RPG stuff I liked, and every so often I'd make up a new class for it, whenever a mechanic struck me as really interesting. So I haven't just been going "Hey, a necromancer would be cool!" Instead, every class is built around a gameplay idea that I mulled over first and then applied a theme to - one class explores the concept of cooldowns in MMO games (why they are there, what they mean for gameplay, and how they relate to the 'reality' of the game world), one is all about how you could have a true "Tank" role in a single-player game, one explores the idea of cast times, and one is just a fun thought I had about a class that summons minions and then sucks up all his minions to superpower himself temporarily (see-sawing back and forth between having minions do the work and then bashing guys himself, over and over). And others. I like to think about game design, and this has just been something fun for me that I've done in my spare time as entertainment. There are a lot of specifics to the game which I won't go into, but it's pretty well fleshed out and I'd love to make it a real game (it's all built around user content, so I know it'd be big!). This is a nice place to test out the gameplay and see what happens. If I ever find a day when I can actually work on it.
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