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  What's Up Witchoo? 11:18 AM -- Sat March 12, 2011  

Here's an update on the world of Hamumu...

* Total failure on 7DRL. I got in that one day of work, then had good excuses for about the next 4 days, then one more day of decent excuse (I was recovered from being sick, but still mighty tired...), and then, well, who wants to start a 7-day project with only two days left to go? Because it's a prototype for elements of a game I really hope to make someday, I am thinking about still working on it. My wife has suggested interleaving it with my real project (M.H.D.) for two weeks, thus working on it for 7 days. Maybe. Alternating projects has often not gone well for any project involved.

* Still Pond has been accepted on the Playbook! So when that thing launches, I get a free one, and if anybody else actually buys one, they can play Still Pond on it! I can't wait to try, it's gonna be interesting.

* You may have noticed the video for Robot Wants Kitty iPhone in the last post. That has been submitted to the app store already, we're just waiting for it to go up, which could happen any time. There are some cool updates coming for it down the line as well, and if it does well, we'll definitely continue on doing the same thing to Puppy, Fishy, and Ice Cream. There also may be a PC & Mac release of it in due course, but no guarantees. It's actually a whole lot of game, not much like the original RwK at all. I'm really looking forward to that! Just to get bold-faced credit out there, this game is a Raptisoft production, with not a whole lot of help from me! I did some of the level design, and came up with a few of the new ideas, and did a bunch of testing. Look forward to more such collaboration in the future. I love when I can "make" games without doing any work!

* My 'real' current project is still, as I think I mentioned in the past, M.H.D., the secret game that is very personal to me. I still haven't actually written a line of code on it since I finished the last Pedro game, but there have been other things to work on!

* In WoW, The Hamumu Clan is now a level 3 guild! We're flying right along, eh?! Come join us on Caelestrasz-US!

So what are you up to lately?
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