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  Hot Stuff 08:01 PM -- Thu March 31, 2011  

Whoo... I've been working for two days on a single Robot Wants Kitty (iPhone) level. It's big, and it's nasty. When a level pack comes out for that, and you see the Lava Cave, run the other way. It's DOOOOOOOoooom! I haven't actually done a full run-through playing it yet. I needed a break from the horrors. Maybe tomorrow. Next, I'm gonna make a super easy level, to recover.

I've also been working on M.H.D.! Finally getting somewhere on that. It's beginning to come together like a finished game, even though the only level it has is a tutorial level. I've been focusing on making it complete outside of the level design, but it's almost to the point where my efforts would be better spent making the remaining levels than doing anything else code-wise. I will be looking for beta testers soon! But I'm not looking for them now. I'll let you know!
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