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  Mia's Later Day 11:39 AM -- Tue June 14, 2011  

I'm working on a big update to Mia... There will be 6 bonus levels for buyers, and all custom levels will be available to NON-buyers! Also, I'm going to add a couple more level listing features of some sort, I think. Mainly a thing for builders to see their levels and how they've been rated and all. I think I might tweak some gameplay/scoring stuff (more points for backflips, and making them slightly slower so you can't do one on a rail and stay on it).

And look, here's a video of somebody making a *monster* score on Cary Road (beware, it's super loud):

In other news, I won Infamous as a goodguy! It's so good. Haven't been obsessed with a game in a long time. This one is made by the guys who made Sly Cooper, which explains why it's good. I can't wait to play evil too.

In other game news, what's with Heavy Rain? It's so boring. It's like a movie, but only if the movie included everything the characters do to an absolute mindnumbing extreme. I think there's something interesting in there, but first I have to get myself a drink of water and look at a painting on the wall and sit down and cross my legs. And feed my child dinner and tell him to do his homework. Ooh, the drama! Of course, it helps the boringness that it's an absolute depression overload, thematically. Most maudlin game ever made. I am not sure if I want to continue or not.
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