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  Mia's Happy Day Is Today! 02:28 PM -- Fri June 24, 2011  

It's done, and fancy now! The high score tables have been wiped because of subtle tweaks (and major bug fixes) to how gameplay works that make previous scores no longer valid. It may have also wiped your goal progress unintentionally... sorry about that!

So go play Mia's Happy Day! There are now 3 bonus game modes you can unlock by earning awards. If you purchase an unlock for only $4.95, you get:

- 50% of your payment goes to the The Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation (so use money, because they don't take Yerfbucks).

- Six bonus levels, which include new features like water to avoid, bunnies to eat, and magically appearing biscuits to build your own combo paths!

- A very easy-to-use level editor to build and share your own creations.

- Six new awards to earn (thanks to the six levels, of course).

- "My Levels" page so you can see stats on the levels you've shared.

- Best of all, if you are a filthy cheater, an "Unlock Everything" button, to get around all that pesky earning of awards. I don't condone it, but people always want it!

So go play Mia for free now. For free you get tons of gameplay, because you now can play all custom levels for free, not just the top three. And you can unlock all three bonus game modes for more ways to play every level. So play it, and then you'll see if you want to shell out some cash to a good cause and to me too!

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