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  Pander Bear 12:30 PM -- Sat June 25, 2011  

This weekend's Mini-LD is themed "All Talk", as in, make a game that is entirely focused on dialogue and communication. Here's a mock-up of what I'm planning to do:

I'm kind of torn because I think "Pander Bear" is a better name, but I like my candidate guy... it would be pretty amusing if he was a bear though. Maybe they should all be bears, but it's always nice when we humans elect a bear to office.

I feel like the idea I have for the mechanics is really solid, but I'm also torn in another way - a while after I started thinking this out last night, I came up with another idea that just blew my mind with awesome chunks. It's more complicated to code, though (not impossible for 48 hours by any means!). So I figure this is the way to go. Not even sure I have the energy to do well on this one as is, but I am intrigued by it!

Here's my other idea for open theft: you're an alien imprisoned in Area 51. You have mind control powers, so you have controlled the guard outside your door. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the keys to the lock, so you have to control him on his trip through the base to get them, getting past other guards and scientists by engaging in dialogue. Being an alien, this is a problem, because you don't know English. But you do have a series of icons that make the person speak various words (which button does what is randomized each game, so like the alien, you must learn as you go). Try to communicate without sounding like an alien. "Hello FRIEND. I like SPORTS." I figure there would be 26 words you know, one for each letter on the keyboard. Raise too much suspicion, and you are caught!

Definitely not as easy as choosing speech options to pander to a crowd!
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