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  Scuba World 05:26 PM -- Thu June 30, 2011  

This game is progressing super slowly. I think I've been at it almost a week now, and all I've worked on is the background visuals. That's not to say I haven't put in the hours, it's just taking forever! It's actually very complex both artistically and codewise to make this go from bland rocks to something lively and colorful. I think it's doing very well now though! As you can see, there's now a background layer, which gives it some parallax, and means there's something to see when you're out in open water and the older version would've just been one flat empty color. There are also assorted rock-clinging lifeforms, and coral. The rock itself has also gained a bunch of variety, some of which you can see in the shot.

Hey, for that matter, the whole game has gone widescreen! You can kinda tell in this shot, even though it's cropped. I think I'm about at the point where I can finally start adding the new content - the underground cave system. I wonder just how big I can make this map before it completely chokes.
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