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  Mega Merchandise Mart 07:16 PM -- Fri September 2, 2011  

Visit the Hamumu Merchandise Shop! Recently (like a year or two ago...), Cafepress finally fixed their system so you weren't limited to just one shirt of each type in a free shop. So today, I finally got around to taking advantage of this, and voila! Not only will T-Shirts Of The Month continue to be available for good after they first appear, but you aren't limited to t-shirts! You can get a mug, an iPhone case, a hat, pajamas, mousepad, clock, pillow, apron, stocking, gym bag... well, you get the idea. A lot of things.

The same goes for every previous t-shirt logo we've done, so now's your chance to get Yerfdog plastered on everything you own! Now, if you spot an item you want, but the image isn't positioned well or the wrong size, let me know and I'll change it for you! I auto-added all the thousands of products, and I couldn't manually go in and tweak every one. But if there's one you want, I'll do it.

P.S. That means the newest T-shirt of the month is here!
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