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  Nightmarish Assistance 07:40 PM -- Fri September 9, 2011  

Hey there! Pee Wee is still trapped in a never-ending nightmare, and now you can help. I'm looking for a few good testers, but this time, not just testers. The way this game works is that it will have dozens of very small levels, and so I'm hoping for testers who'd want to build some of those levels, as well as rate the existing levels and new ones on difficulty (the game randomly picks from all the levels each run-through, so I need to know which are easy and hard, to put the easy ones at the beginning). I can build enough levels myself if I have to (it takes about 10 minutes to make one!), but the judging of difficulty is pretty important and needs input from multiple people. Who wants to assist in such a fancy-pants endeavor? Email me! I'll pick testerbuilderhelperjudges on Mondayish.
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