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  For Robot Wants Kitty Fans... 11:41 AM -- Tue September 13, 2011  

(P.S. 'Bot Hungers Endlessly)

Wanna make and/or play Robot Wants Kitty levels, on your PC? It's available!

There is planned to one day be a legitimate PC version of this (that doesn't run in a tiny window), but for now, this is sort of the iPhone version, stuck on your PC. Think of it like a demo for the iPhone game, because it locks out some things. But what it doesn't lock out is your freedom to play, rate, and build all the levels you want! You will have to create a Kitty Connect account, but you can do that from inside the game.

For tips on how to edit, visit The Kitty Connect Tutorial. To know how to play, here's the secret:

Arrows - Move
Z - Jump (Up works too)
X - Shoot
C - Rocket Dash
V - Vertical Rocket

Of course, you'll need power ups if you want to press any of those keys. And hey, this is an extra special preview, because Kitty Connect isn't available on iPhone yet! It's coming very soon, but you get it first. Enjoy!

To ask questions or make comments or whatever you want to say about this game, visit the forum thread!
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